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weightloss, lose weight, weight-loss, auckland

holistic nutrition

Holistic Nutrition is all about eating wholesome healthy food, as close to its natural state as possible, for optimum health and wellbeing bringing together mind, body and spirit - the three inseparable components of wellness.

This doesn't mean you need to go vegetarian, or become vegan, or follow any restrictive or extreme diet, it just means eating lots of good, fresh unrefined and unprocessed food, in sensible portions, keeping you fuelled, sharp and on track.

I do the hard work for you ensuring you understand the best possible nutrition for you, for your weight loss and for your future self.  Your whole attitude to and relationship with food will be turned upside down, and you'll be armed with the strategies and knowledge to be your best self, the self you've dreamed of being, and can be for the rest of your fabulous life.

My motto around what to eat is an oldie but a goodie:

Eat food

Not too much

Mostly plants

"For those people who are struggling with weight-loss issues, there can be no safer pair of hands to place your trust in" 


Your tastes - customised & bespoke

Your normal diet - tweaked with healthful 'swaps'

Your lifestyle - evolved, your way

weightloss, lose weight, weight-loss, auckland

You can't change yesterday, but you can change today

Distance is no problem, and with Weight-loss Coaching we can have our sessions via Skype or telephone.

weightloss, lose weight, weight-loss, auckland
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