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weightloss, lose weight, weight-loss, auckland


This part is for Free!  Our consultation, whether in person or over the telephone is where we talk about where you're at now regarding your weight, chat about your lifestyle, the Coaching process and how together, we could get to to your ideal (realistic) weight.


weightloss, lose weight, weight-loss, auckland


In this Initial weight-loss coaching session, which may take up to 90min,  we discuss your goals, previous weight-loss endeavours, work through your Food Diary (you will have done this the week prior), as I will have done a complete Nutritional Breakdown of every morsel consumed in the week prior!  We will explore strategies, complete the coaching contract, and a few other bits and pieces. 

90 Minutes

$900 At My Home

weightloss, lose weight, weight-loss, auckland

session fees

These are our weekly sessions, lasting 60 minutes, either face to face at my home in St Johns, Auckland or on the telephone.

Some people just want one or two sessions to get them motivated and on track with a plan of action, and other people want to take a more committed approach, seeing me either for a couple of months, or for their entire weight-loss journey.

60 minutes

$300   My Home

$300 Telephone

weightloss, lose weight, weight-loss, auckland

a great start

Most of my clients commit to a series of coaching sessions so we can work hard together to achieve their goal weight.

Why not enjoy the convenience of a block booking! Often people find that paying for their sessions in blocks, up-front gives them a wonderful incentive and a sense of enhanced accountability!

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