Wellbeing seems to be such a 'buzz-word' at the moment,

but what is it?  And more importantly,

how do you know if you've got it?

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In this crazy modern world, we've become so busy, with increasing demands on us, and this combined with the rise and rise of social media giving us snapshots of other people's perceived 'perfect' lives, has led many people to an overwhelming (or even a constant niggling) sense of discontent without really knowing why.

Often, we think of Wellbeing as feeling happy; that warm & fuzzy feeling that comes with experiencing positive emotions, but these 'feelings' are just a temporary mood; how you are in the moment and not an actual 'state of being'.

I like to describe Wellbeing as living with a positive approach (be the author of your life!), having a strong sense of self-esteem & purpose, how you perceive your life, how you interact, function & your ability to bounce back when things don't go according to plan.

There are many models for gauging and assessing your level of Wellbeing, but as a Wellbeing Coach,

I like to focus on 5 key areas with my clients:

Creating & Enhancing Personal Connections

Giving to Others: time, support, help etc

Keeping Physically Active

Taking Notice & Being 'Present'

(e.g. look up from the phone!)

Learning New Things

As we work through each of these taking small steps, not big scary changes, to manage and improve overall Wellbeing,

clients create the life they want - flourishing - on their own terms.

I see some clients over an extended period of time, but for many, often all thats needed is a few sessions to gain clarity, get back on track and find that state where they experience the positivity & resilience we all need to functions well in our lives - to find their state of Wellbeing.


The Secret of Change

is to Focus all of your Energy,

Not on Fighting the Old

but on Building the New



These are our weekly or fortnightly sessions, lasting 60 minutes, either face to face (Auckland, traffic permitting!), or on the telephone.

60 minutes


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