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weightloss, lose weight, weight-loss, auckland

about me

For as long as I can remember I've been passionate about health, nutrition, fitness, fashion, beauty and style.  Several years ago when I was running my Beauty Therapy business, I discovered that many of my clients were actually coming to me for a lot more than their fortnightly beauty treatments, and that they were seeking out my practical, straight-forward easy ways of getting stuff done - what I then described as 'lifestyle guidance'.  They would leave their appointments on cloud nine, not just from their facials, massages or sparkly new nails, but because they were fuelled up with motivation, action plans, direction and drive.

The light bulb moment for me was the realisation that a good proportion of my clients were shrinking - literally, and that these lovely ladies had been helped and motivated by me, with their weight loss.


"Iona made this time valuable, something to look forward to, and throughout the process helped me learn to value myself – I couldn't have done this on my own"


weightloss, lose weight, weight-loss, auckland

From this, my own life evolved as I went on to formally study Life Coaching, NLP and Holistic Nutrition through the School of Natural Health Sciences London, alongside Personal Styling with the NHJ Style Academy in London, England.


The Coaching and NLP techniques bring about amazing, fast, empowering and genuinely transformative changes, changes I have seen in my clients and which have worked for millions of other people too.

They work because they are powerful in getting speedy and lasting results.


Being part of the positive physical and emotional changes in clients, seeing them evolve and playing a role in extraordinary personal development, seeing their self-worth, happiness and self confidence skyrocket is truly inspiring, and I feel blessed to be able to call this my job, as it never feels like work!


SNHS Dip. (Life Coaching), SNHS Dip. (Advanced Life Coaching),  SNHS Dip. (Neuro Linguistic Programming), SNHS Dip. (Holistic Nutrition)

weightloss, lose weight, weight-loss, auckland
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