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motivation vs commitment

which one really counts?

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I don’t wanna do anything!

I can’t be bothered to go for a walk!

I’m so over the gym, I’m not going today!


We all get them, those days when we’d rather just stay under the duvet, or when a lovely big breakfast at a café or a ‘box-set session’ seems infinitely more inviting than a workout, and hey – even elite athletes aren’t full of beans every single day.


And this, my friend, is where the internal battle between Motivation and Commitment comes out to play.

weightloss, lose weight, weight-loss, auckland

"So what’s the difference anyway?"

I hear you ask

Motivation and Commitment are often interchanged in sentences:


"Stay motivated/committed and you’ll reach your goal"

"To hit target you must keep your motivation/commitment level super high"


You can see how people get confused, right?


Read on for another few moments and the confusion will vanish in a puff of smoke....

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So here’s how it works – real simple stuff!

The big wiggly line = Motivation, see how it is up and down like a yo-yo?

The small wiggly line = Commitment, and it still has ups and downs, but they’re small, and the line stays consistent.

weightloss, lose weight, weight-loss, auckland



Based on feelings & emotion

“I don’t feel like it today”

“I’m bored, I’ll have some chocolate!


Motivation can be an ‘all or nothing’ rollercoaster.

We don’t have to feel motivated every day.

Dips in motivation have the power to derail us if we’re not committed.


Motivation is not essential for success.



Doesn’t depend on feelings.


Means following a plan even when you don’t feel like it.

Creates true  accountability, dedication to the long term goal.

Gets us through the dips in motivation.

Is essential to reach your target or goal.

You can see why ultimately, it’s commitment that matters in terms of reaching your goal.

Motivation is really important, and we all need bucket loads of it, but true Commitment is the key to long term success.

If you need help clarifying and focusing your weight-loss goal,

Get in touch for a chat about how one-to-one Weight-loss Coaching could help you feel like YOU again.

How Committed are You?

weightloss, lose weight, weight-loss, auckland
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