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Weightloss - Lose Weight Now!


They say that the difference between a dream and a goal is a plan, and it's true! As a Weight Loss and Wellbeing Coach, I am passionate about turning your goal into a plan, and getting that plan into action.

"I was immediately relaxed and felt confidence in her  experience as a Weight-loss Coach"


These days people have such busy lives, with full schedules and many demands on our time, and I really do understand that focussing on yourself, your weight loss, food management and body image is hard to prioritise, hard to prepare for, and hard to keep going with by yourself, but you know what? 

With Weight-loss Coaching, I will motivate you, set goals with you, guide you and take this journey with you using proven, tried and tested Life Coaching and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) models and techniques as well as concentrating on Holistic Nutrition to ensure that you will reach your target weight taking a safe, no-nonsense, goal orientated, results driven approach, eating plenty of good old-fashioned food, making little tweaks here and there to suit your own lifestyle.




 "In our weekly meetings Iona has taught me that weight loss is NOT about deprivation, but about EATING so the body has the optimal nutrition to do what it is supposed to do. What a change of mindset after a lifetime of deprivation diets! Never again...The speed of loss has astonished me." 

Allison, Auckland

weightloss, lose weight, weight-loss, auckland

We often think of Wellbeing as feeling happy; that warm & fuzzy feeling that comes with experiencing positive emotions, but these 'feelings' are just a temporary mood; how you are in the moment and not an actual 'state of being'.

weightloss, lose weight, weight-loss, auckland

I like to describe Wellbeing as living with a positive approach (be the author of your own life!), having a strong sense of self-esteem & purpose, how you perceive your life, how you interact, function & your ability to bounce back when things don't go as you hoped they would.

If you feel you need some help to get your 'mojo' back, and feel on top of your game, the  please do get in touch to find out how we could work together.

Weightloss - Lose Weight Now!

"Life isn't about finding yourself,

It's about creating yourself"

- George Bernard Shaw

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